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Advokatfirman Titov & Partners grundades av sju erfarna advokater som alla ville bygga upp något nytt och modernt. De gemensamma värderingarna respekt, lojalitet och ödmjukhet är centrala och något som genomgående präglar vår verksamhet.

Alliott Group’s EMEA regional conference

23 maj 2022

Alliott Group’s EMEA regional conference

Titov & Partner recently participated in the 2022 EMEA regional conference of Alliott Global Alliance in Budapest. It was a great experience for us to meet with the delegates from the other participating member firms, whom were all very welcoming. The trip has offered us the chance to expand or global network with a lot of impressive professionals and we very much look forward to future collaborations, as well as future Alliott Global Alliance events.

Alliott Global Alliance is a global alliance consisting of more than 200 accounting and law firms in 95 countries. The reach of the alliance extends deep into Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific. Titov & Partner joined the alliance in 2020 and we are very excited to be part of such a great international collaboration.

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