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Titov & Partners was founded 2018 by seven experienced lawyers who wanted to create something new and modern. The shared values of respect, loyalty and humility are central and characterizes our business.

Legal Investigations

In Sweden, much emphasis is placed on companies, their representatives and their employees adhering to applicable laws and regulations. Among other things, companies are required to work preventively when it comes to compliance with different regulations. These requirements can be set by customers, suppliers, investors, lenders or authorities.

Titov & Partners provide advice in connection with internal investigations, handling irregularities and handling of situations where clients have been exposed to crime. We have the experience, expertise, and integrity to deal with these types of sensitive cases. Among other things, we assist with investigative work on corporate, criminal and damages issues. In our investigations, we always come up with proposals for countermeasures, preventive measures, etc. to the client who, for example, can be the board of directors. Our clients include companies, authorities and organizations.

We offer advice in many areas including:

  • Establishment of internal policies, procedures, and training.
  • Investigation of suspected internal fraud and breach of trust.
  • Counsel in criminal proceedings.
  • Counsel in action for corporate fines.
  • Investigation of unethical business relationships (e.g. conflicts of interest, bribery, etc.).
  • Assignment as special reviewer.
  • Investigation for breaches of the Trade Secrets Act (e.g. information theft).