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Titov & Partners was founded 2018 by seven experienced lawyers who wanted to create something new and modern. The shared values of respect, loyalty and humility are central and characterizes our business.

Tax Law

Titov & Partners has a long experience of consulting in tax matters. The firm offers its clients an expertise of tax law related advising that is customized after the clients’ every need, regardless of the client being a private individual or a company, national or international.

Our great versatility in the field gives us the possibility to provide legal advising in every possible matter related to tax law, no matter the complexity of the matter.

We offer advice in many areas including:

  • Change of business form
  • Corporate taxation, national and international
  • Family-owned company succession
  • Capital taxation
  • Acquisition and divestment of corporations
  • Value added tax
  • Ongoing tax advisory services
  • Individual taxation, national and international
  • Tax litigation
  • Tax audit
  • Changes of ownership