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Titov & Partners was founded 2018 by seven experienced lawyers who wanted to create something new and modern. The shared values of respect, loyalty and humility are central and characterizes our business.

IT & Intellectual Property Law

Titov & Partners provides tailored advice to clients on IT law, telecoms and intellectual property law, based on our extensive experience in these areas. We help individuals as well as companies and organisations – whatever industry they are in.

We have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in IT and telecoms, so we can help our clients with everything from data protection and privacy issues (GDPR) to outsourcing and drawing up contracts for operations and system supply – always with a focus on achieving a good, secure deal for the client.

We help our clients to identify, manage and protect their intellectual property by providing ongoing advice, drawing up contracts and registering and monitoring rights, whether these relate to trademarks, designs or copyrights.

We offer advice in many areas including:

  • Drawing up contracts for systems, operations and outsourcing
  • Telecoms regulatory matters
  • Drawing up licence agreements and other rights transfers
  • Trademark and design protection applications
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Preparing strategies for intellectual property rights
  • Information security
  • Copyright matters, such as infringement
  • Compensation for the use of intellectual property rights
  • Artist agreements and other forms of agreement relating to rightsholders
  • Preparing data protection documents, such as policies and procedures for the processing of personal data