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Titov & Partners was founded 2018 by seven experienced lawyers who wanted to create something new and modern. The shared values of respect, loyalty and humility are central and characterizes our business.

Dispute Resolution

Titov & Partners lawyers have extensive experience in commercial dispute resolution and conflict management across a wide range of industries.

Our clients include listed Swedish and international companies, as well as smaller companies, and we regularly represent them in court disputes and arbitration proceedings. Common disputes include contractual and compensation disputes, adviser liability issues, rental disputes, tender disputes and insurance disputes.

Our advice focuses specifically on solutions. In many cases it is better for the client to avoid legal proceedings and we always strive to find the most beneficial solution for the client, which is often an out-of-court settlement with the other party. Our lawyers are renowned for their skill in negotiations with counterparties and in the practical process of legal proceedings and arbitration.

We offer advice in many areas including:

  • Assistance in negotiations with counterparties in the event of a dispute or anticipated dispute
  • Representation in Swedish and international court disputes and arbitration proceedings

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