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Titov & Partners was founded 2018 by seven experienced lawyers who wanted to create something new and modern. The shared values of respect, loyalty and humility are central and characterizes our business.

Real Estate

Titov & Partners' lawyers have a long and wide experience in dealing with issues arising in the real estate area.

We provide legal advice on all types of property law questions. Our assistance ranges from providing ongoing advice to assistance in complex projects and strategic issues. The situations and needs of each client are unique and as such our advice is adapted accordingly.

Titov & Partners offers assistance to all operators and stakeholders active in the real estate sector. Amongst our client base we have both small and large actors in the building and construction industry, the public sector on both state and municipality levels, and the hotel and restaurant industry.

We offer advice in many areas including:

  • Transfers and acquisitions of real estate and real estate companies
  • Tax issues
  • Property development
  • Commercial rental property law
  • Construction and civil engineering works
  • Questions regarding construction operators and consultants
  • Procurement
  • Environmental issues
  • Fault and liability
  • Planning and Building Act and Property Formation Act such as property management issues, detailed plans and building permits
  • Property and tenancy litigation in court and arbitration proceedings
  • Co-operative housing associations